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Accounting records maintenance

ADM Consult LLC offers mutually profitable conditions for accounting of your company - reasonable prices, operational efficiency and distinguished performance. Our specialists will undertake accounting support for financial and economic activities of your company, including formation of accounting policy and restoration of accounting records.

Service areas:

Bookkeeping of foreign representative offices and affiliates

Bookkeeping of foreign affiliate or representative office includes the same aspects as for any other company registered in the Republic of Belarus. Moreover, we maintain internal accounting established by parent company in the foreign language, taking into account the regulatory system of the country of headquarters. We are able to present accounting records in Russian, German and English. In view of different requirements to accounting in countries, other than the Republic of Belarus, our specialists can keep accounts with due consideration of the above mentioned specific features.

Our partners include auditors, attorneys, notaries, customs agents from Germany, Lithuania, France, Austria, Switzerland. ADM Consult LLC conducts independent internal audit of keeping accounts, on an annual basis, involving independent auditors. Our employees cooperate with tax authorities, banks and other organizations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at the number below.

+375 17 308-74-80